Dimensional Teak Lumber 

Whether you are a lumber distributor or a manufacturer of finished teak products, we understand the value of a reliable supplier. Novelteak has been developing its own teak plantations, improving the seeds and developing innovative forest management techniques since 1989. Company consistently harvest between 40K and 50K m3 per year of it's own production to manufacturers around the world.  

Novelteak Rough Sawn Teak Lumber

Novelteak produces RSL in different lengths. Please click here to review specifications. Print specifications (PDF) >


Novelteak Dimensional Teak Lumber


Novelteak may include new products and sizes from time to time. Please click the following link to discover Novelteak Dimensional Lumber specifications. Print specifications (PDF) >


Distribution opportunities

Novelteak Dimensioned Teak Lumber is being distributed in selected locations of US, Europe, and Asia, and we are always looking forward to add new distribution areas. If your company is looking for a reliable, quality consistent, and long term supplier of FSC ™ Certified Teak products, please contact us