November, 2016


FSC™ certified teak used in Pfizer Corporation office project in San José, Costa Rica

By ensuring supply of FSC™ Teak, plus: design, construction, installation and service provided by trained Teak Experts, Pfizer made sure they used only materials from FSC™ certified sources and only the best wood professionals advice. Teak expert site: 


May, 2016

Proud suppliers of Gensler Architects and "2016 Winner" Restaurant Category in Central America by the International Interior Design Association. 

We are very proud to announce that Novelteak supplied 100% FSC™ Teak Edge Glued Panel from our FSC™ certified plantations in Costa Rica. Congratulations to Gensler Architects for the success, and also for focusing on materials that are supplied by sustainable and certified sources that cause only a positive impact on the environment. And also HDM to make teak like the wonder wood it is. More info:  


March, 2016

FSC™ products from our forest operations to your home. No stops.

Being a sustainable forest operation and counter-fight deforestation was only the starting goals for us. Novelteak has now integrated a state of the art industrial facility, is improving design and marketing capabilities and ready to make innovation as our credo. 


December, 2015

U.S. Green Building Council Members

LEED is helping people, corporations and governments to build better places to live, work and develop. Novelteak is committed to support this initiative and get involved in innovative projects and initiatives. For more information about USGBC, please visit:  


September, 2015


Novelteak FSC™ certified products & corporate LEED certification

LEED certification is the most widely used green building rating system. Novelteak supplied its 100% FSC™ certified Solid Teak Panels for a LEED certified project in San José, CR. Project was led by Gensler Architects and teak product design, construction and installation was done HDM, a Novelteak "Teak Expert" Partner. For more information about LEED certification visit:


April, 2015

Novelteak recognized by its leading R&D innovation

Novelteak will lead a full audience presentation at the World Teak Conference. Topic: Genetic improvement of Teak using molecular markers. Presentation will be directed by our Chief R&D, Mr. Mario Espinoza. Company is proud of being recognized as an innovative leader in the genetic improvement field. More information: 


September, 2014

"Vive la madera", Carbon Neutral trade fair Costa Rica

Novelteak presented for the first time in a local trade fair to connect with manufacturers, architects, constructors and many other companies concerned about the use of natural wood and neutral carbon operations in the region.  Gallery: