Build with Teaklam™. The sustainable way of building in Costa Rica.

The history of humans is tied to the usage of wood and today it remains an omnipresent companion of everyday life. The unique beauty of Teak can be shown in nice floors, furniture, wall coverings, but can also be shown and shines when is used in indoor/outdoor mixed areas. 

Building with Teaklam™ is faster, cleaner, financially convenient and does a good for the environment because wood stores Co2 but also because wood requires much more less energy to be produced than other construction materials like steel and concrete. 

Teaklam™ product line for light construction

Teaklam™ Columns

    • Thickness (mm): 152,4 and 203,2 
    • Width (mm): 152,4 and 203,2  
    • Lengths (mm): Up to 6000 

    Teaklam™ Beams

    • Thickness (mm): 50,8 and 76,2 
    • Width (mm): 152,4 and 203,2
    • Lengths (mm): Up to 6000  

    Teaklam™ Stair Treads

    • Thickness (mm): 25,4, 38,1, 50,8 
    • Width (mm): Custom (Minimum volumes may apply)
    • Lengths (mm): Up to 6000  

    Door frames

    • Thickness (mm): 35 
    • Width (mm): 80, 110  
    • Lengths (mm): Up to 6000  


    Finger-joint Lamellas (FJL)

    • Thickness: 63, 72mm 
    • Width: 86, 115, 125 mm  
    • Lengths: Up to 6000mm  

    Full Lamellas (FLL)

    • Thickness: 63, 72mm
    • Width: 86, 115 mm  
    • Lengths: Up to 2100mm  


    Think Teak !