Teaklam™ Construction components

Building with Teaklam™ is faster, cleaner, financially convenient and does a good for the environment because wood stores Co2 but also because wood requires much more less energy to be produced than other construction materials like steel and concrete. Compared with other wood species, Teak is the most durable and dimensionally stable.

Product characteristics

  • Columns (mm): 90 x 90, 150 x 150 and 203 x 203, custom dimensions available upon request (*)

  • Beams (mm): 50 x 150, 50 x 203, 76,2 x 150, 76,2 x 203, custom dimensions available upon request (*)

  • Lengths (mm) Máx: 6000mm

  • Construction: Mix heartwood/sapwood, kiln-dry, dimensioned and finger jointed, then glued and finished. (*) minimum volumes may apply for custom dimensions

  • Finishing: Grit 120

  • Glue: Franklin EPI D4 suitable for Outdoor applications

  • Certifications: FSC™

  • Grading:

    • Z: Glue-lam Teak, mix 50/50% Heartwood/sapwood

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