Think Teak !   FSC™ teak products from certified plantations in Costa Rica & Nicaragua

Welcome. Novelteak is one of the largest teak exporters in Latin America. With more than 7.000 hectares producing teak in compliance with FSC guidelines, our company has become one the preferred suppliers of   

manufacturers around the world and is recognized by the development of improved seeds, production of clonal seedlings, harvesting, manufacturing and trading teak products in a consistent and reliable way. 

About us


Swiss investors and local professionals working together since 1989 to counterweight deforestation. Read more >

What we do


From seed to final product, 100% FSC™ Lumber, profiled lumber, and glue-laminated products. Discover more >



Novelteak decision to produce in compliance with FSC is our long term commitment with the forest and communities. Doing good >

Making a name on Design

Novelteak has supplied FSC™ Teak material for a project that has been named "2016 Winner" in restaurant Category by the International Interior Design Association. Read more >